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    Companystrong technical advantage

    Big data precision marketing business brand

    Provide customers with customized marketing goals

    Companystrong technical advantage

    Kaililong is a new media marketing company that provides customers with Internet precision marketing services and technical solutions through marketing technology.

    Companystrong technical advantage

    Innovation , the soul of enterprise survival and development

    Enterprises can only develop through innovation, enterprise and innovation, thus excellence.We must achieve technological innovation, product innovation, and service innovation

    CaseStrong technical advantage, connecting hundreds of billions of assets

    ClientsStrong technical advantage, connecting hundreds of billions of assets

    Testimonialsknow what our client speaks about us

    Smarter technology, voice recognition without background sound standard Mandarin transliteration accuracy rate of 95%, machine translation Chinese-English translation effect is higher than the market average of 6-8 BLEU values, semantic sentence based on natural language processing technology, the first to achieve by sentence Split the timeline.

    - James Macoy